Now Ukraine has even more heat and light, because we received another batch of generators, which we were waiting for. More than 1300! This is more than the UAE gave us last month.

In addition to UAIM, RARS and Ukrzaliznytsia, the Ministry of Infrastructure of Ukraine also helped with logistics. Facilitated communications with the Regional Military Administrations and will deliver the necessary equipment to cities that live under constant enemy fire.

❗This batch of generators will go to the north and east of the country – Chernihiv, Sumy, Kharkiv, Dnipro, Donetsk , Luhansk regions and the city of Kyiv. Traditionally the equipment goes to those who need it most. Thanks again to our friends for such powerful support!

Millions of Ukrainians live with the thought of a lost home. Since February 24, almost 3.5 million internally displaced persons have been registered in Ukraine. Such a number of people left their homes in search of a safe place in other regions. Among them are women, children, people with disabilities and pensioners. Most had to pack their lives into one suitcase and head into the unknown.

Therefore, support for IDPs is one of the priorities of our Fund. We help with housing, provide food and clothing, take care of pregnant women and mothers with children. Sometimes we come across stories that require only an individual approach. For example, settling a large family or helping a pensioner with a rare disease.

Our task is to ensure that every Ukrainian feels supported in this difficult time.

More than 1.4 billion dollars. International partners have already offered the same amount of funds to support Ukraine’s energy sector. We feel the help of the world every day when we receive generators, boilers, equipment for repairs of damaged infrastructure.

Every rocket that leaves thousands of Ukrainians without electricity and heat will be evidence for the tribunal against those involved in this war. All losses will be compensated by russia in the future. But as long as Ukraine directs all its forces to victory, it needs help with the restoration of infrastructure. And we are grateful to every state that does not stand aside today.

The task of our Fund in the program “Warming the country” is to deliver each generator to each addressee.

Dozens of medical institutions, schools, kindergartens, shelters for displaced persons and many others who need it will provide an alternative source of electricity.

The first party has already gone to the places where the enemy caused the most destruction: Kherson region, Mykolaiv region, Odesa region, Kyiv region, and Zaporizhzhia region.

Friends, today we want to tell you thanks to whose efforts, Ukraine received 1200 (!) generators.

The main sponsors of the equipment are our friends from the 🇦🇪United Arab Emirates. The managers of the program are the Office of the President of Ukraine and the State Property Fund of Ukraine (which conducted the negotiations with the UAE).

In addition to us, two other structures were involved in logistics. It:

🚉Our “iron horses” that cover any distance to any point on the map – “Ukrzaliznytsia”

🇵🇱Our constant Polish friends, the Government Agency for Strategic Reserves (RARS), who have been helping Ukraine with humanitarian supplies since the beginning of the full-scale invasion.

And about the immediate participation of UAIM – read in the next post.6

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