10 million Ukrainians live without electricity, water and heat every day Russian missiles disabled almost 50% of Ukraine’s energy system.

UAIM, together with relevant ministries and OVA, joins the program of the State Property Fund of Ukraine “Warming the country” and works together with international partners to provide Ukraine with generators and warm clothes.

Ukraine recently received 1,200 generators from the UAE. We expect the same amount in January.

But the war has been going on for over 100 years.

Throughout history, the Kremlin has been trying to destroy Ukrainian culture, identity and identity.

Three Holodomors, repressions against the Ukrainian intellectuals, the Shot Revival, the Sixties, the ban on the Ukrainian language and Ukrainian literature.

Occupation of Crimea. The war in Donbas. The full-scale invasion was the largest war in Europe since World War II.

Ukrainians won then. We will win today.

Since February 24, the enemy has destroyed or damaged more than 350,000 infrastructure facilities.

▪️Over 140,000 residential buildings (high-rise buildings and private homes) were damaged or completely destroyed.

▪️ Control over 6,000 kilometers of railway tracks was destroyed or lost, fifty bridges were destroyed, dozens of railway stations and stations ceased to function.

▪️Over 25 thousand kilometers of roads and 325 artificial structures were destroyed.

▪️More than 400 industrial enterprises and more than 140 objects that provided social services were damaged and destroyed.

▪️More than 40% of TPPs, CHPs and HPPs were damaged, another 10% were completely destroyed.

❗️According to the KSE Institute project “Russia will pay” with the support of the Government and the Office of the President, the total amount of direct damage to the infrastructure of Ukraine as of September reached 127 billion dollars.

They destroy hospitals, schools, kindergartens, maternity homes.
For more than 9 months of war:

▪️More than 1,100 medical facilities were damaged.
❗️Almost 150 – completely destroyed.

▪️As a result of bombings and shelling by the Russian army, almost 3 thousand Ukrainian educational institutions were damaged.
❗️More than 300 of them were destroyed.

Russia is a terrorist state.

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